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A link to lookup dictionaries is also available for the Deluxe version. In the Search's menu for Preference there is a new Preference item to enable this.

Download video from YouTube to your computer hard drive with one mouse click.

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Liberation Serif Font [LiberationSerif]. Any tag can also be custom positioned: after any word in the verse only the word number is saved so this is translation-specific. Split windows Deluxe Sync option for Dictionaries in Preferences under Display settings useful Delkxe syncing Strong dictionaries.

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You can find links to external sites that distribute hundreds more modules for MySword in this page. The modules Mwnu normally in Zip or GZip format.

Long press Share button Premium for option to share text with link or just link. Nobile Font [Nobile]. Learn More Albert Barnes' Notes on the Bible [Barnes]. Beauty is a stylish and elegant web page design using circles and leaning boxes. CloneBD Free Download [Latest] 2020 The default file is default. Shlomo [Shlomo]. Highlight words similar to Search highlight but for the main views Deluxe feature. Talk back: verse selector bible reference and Grid verse selector book are read using abbreviation so not friendly. No colors - remove all text and backtround colors. If these config settings are present, a customCSS field is created in the Details table but the Deouxe of the fonts themselves must be done manually please see AHLB.

In search, use the short no space version, e. Search improvement: synonyms file used in FTS search now supports book abbreviations expanding to text containing spaces Premium. Edit raw HTML of the current element. Nobile Font [Nobile]. Added a new Preferences: Gradient highlight, Screen always on. Note: The summary feature uses word analysis to group similar sentences, get the centroid and rank them so the probable summary sentences are just extracted from existing ones, never simplified or combined and may not be very accurate.

Courtesy of Wycliffe Associates UK www.

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If the setting is 1, every record will mean one call while will mean records to aggregate to a single call. Please note that Hebrew and Arabic modules are only directly supported by Honeycomb or higher and Android devices bought from Israel and Arabic speaking nations. Text - no longer includes used external folder icons.

Commentary link text is the same as in Commentary link for the Bible view. Editing Journal entry details will inject merge Bible ref links to content in case there are Bible refs and Merge is enabled.

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Password in Journals are bypassed in Journal entry link as popup, edit journal entry, as well as in search result and view more.:

  • Search history is now saved into the settings database so that when you exit MySword, it is remembered the next time you search.
  • It is a blue color
  • There is no free download for the latest version but its older versions are given for free.
  • See the Preferences icon in the top bar to the left of Delete icon, or in Compact mode see the Navigation drawer.
  • Format Deluxe simple support for Strong's links on text.

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